Dare to go square!

As you know by now, there are various kinds of laminate available. But laminate also exists in several different forms - square boards, for example. Of course, you can cut a laminate floor yourself, but they’re also already available just like that.

Variation guaranteed

Square tiles assure a pleasing variation, so why not create an interlacement on your floor? Versailles White Oiled and Versailles Light immediately give you the desired effect.

Dare to go square. Laminate Arte Versailles

Want even more variation? One way is to use intermediate pieces of a different type of wood. Be sure that you have the same click system, however.


Different styles

Square laminate tiles are available in a wide range of patterns. For example, in addition to the above-mentioned interlacement of Versailles there are also tiles producing the effect of concrete, marble and even leather. These variants can give your interior a unique look:

1: Concrete look

This stylish laminate produces the impression of being a concrete floor. It is available in two versions: a light variant, ´Concrete Polished Nature´, and a darker one, & Concrete Polished Dark´.

Dare to go square. Laminate Arte Concrete look


2: Marble look

This classic pattern produces an impression of being a larger space and lends an interior an extra touch of class. With ´Marble Carrara´ you let light into your home.

Dare to go square. Laminate Arte Marble Carrara

3: Leather look

This less familiar variant provides your interior with a genuine design look. The ´Leather Tile Dark´ certainly isn’t right in every< interior, but if it finds its ´match´, you can be sure that your interior will make a unique impression.

Dare to go square. Laminate Arte Leather Tile Dark