5 tips for a clean room

The new academic year is well under way. Classrooms are full again, student nightlife is in full swing, and most student rooms are still neat and tidy. Or maybe not? We’ve put together five practical tips to keep your (student) room neat and clean …

Tips for a clean room. Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, Creo

1: Put your clothes away neatly every night

It's tempting to toss your clothes on a chair or even just throw them on the floor right before bedtime. However, you’ll save a lot more time if you fold your clothes and put them in the closet immediately. So when 'wash day' comes, you won’t need to turn your room inside out to find dirty laundry. Also, if you have an unexpected visitor you won’t be ashamed of those dirty socks lying around on the floor.

2: Your bed is a place to rest

Cushions are nice and pretty decoration accessories, but don’t overdo them. Limit the number of cushions and extra blankets to a minimum, so you can make your bed faster.

3: Don’t leave dishwashing for later

Yes we know, there’s more to life than doing the dishes. But you’d better not leave it for too long, because that makes it even more difficult to actually deal with it. Maybe you can even organize a rotating schedule so that the dishes are washed every day.

4: A place for everything

Small things can often have a big impact. For example, it’s better to store your shoes immediately in the shoe rack or in your closet. Out of sight, out of mind. Create a schedule for yourself to organize your weekly chores.

5: Don’t forget the floor

It goes without saying that your floor deserves your attention. If you have laminate or vinyl flooring, you only need to clean it with a dry or damp microfiber cloth or mop. Learn more about how to keep your laminate or vinyl floor in great shape.