Laminate flooring with a leather look

Besides the authentic look of wood, laminate floors also offer the flair and dare of leather. Find out why you should consider claiming this unique style for your interior.

Laminate flooring with a leather look

Lush leather look

Premium quality, a warm touch and feel, a peerless and idiosyncratic appearance: laminate floors with a leather look combine comfy and cosy with exclusive and luxurious. Moreover, with the right colours, your home interior will be the very epitome of style. Take a look, for instance, at the light and dark leather tiles from Quick-Step’s Arte laminate collection.

For the bold and brave

Dare to stray from the path. Floor tiles with a leather look are the ideal choice, if you’re in for something different. Besides warm and gentle colours, the tiles often come in a grand size. With a length and width of 62.4 cm, Quick-Step’s definitely offers leather tiles of the grandest kind. Perfect for all of your interior design applications!

Installed in a jiffy

Are you a DIY kind of person? Then you’re in luck. Thanks to the patented Uniclic system, Quick-Step’s laminate floors with a leather look are also very easy to install. You’ll be able to do it yourself, with just a simple click. What’s more, to prove that these leather tiles are of the highest quality, you’ll receive no less than 25 years’ warranty. Call it a deal, shall we?