Why click-lock hardwood flooring is an excellent choice

Quick-Step Uniclic Multifit system

Installing a floor need not be a chore. Whether you decide to hire a professional or do it yourself, thanks to Quick-Step’s patented Uniclic Multifit system, you’re only one ‘click’ away from enjoying your hardwood floor.

Quick and easy

With Quick-Step’s Uniclic Multifit technology you can easily install long wooden planks up to 30% faster. What’s more, since your hardwood floor already has a protective layer, you don’t need to worry about waxing or oiling. Just click your planks together and enjoy your new floor.

Make it smooth

Uneven floors are not only uncomfortable, they also quickly wear out and tear at the edges. The Uniclic Multifit says goodbye to level differences and ensures your floor panels can’t shift, as the tongue profiles fit perfectly into the grooves. Even if you decide to move and take your floor with you, it will always maintain its original smoothness.

Methods that work

Install your hardwood floor in a ‘click’ in any situation. Drop down the planks, angle them diagonally or insert them horizontally – whatever method suits you best. Discover all of Quick-Step’s installation techniques in this useful how-to video on using Uniclic Multifit for your hardwood floor.