The perfect floor for a doctor’s practice or hospital

Few places have to be as hygienic as doctor’s practices or hospitals. The floors in these buildings should allow for regular and thorough cleaning, and need to be as antistatic as possible. Discover the ones that live up to this daunting task.

Hospital or doctor's practice floor

Immaculately clean

A dentist’s or doctor’s office has to comply with strict sanitary and hygiene rules. The floors in these offices have to be cleaned and disinfected frequently, for instance. Preferably, they should also withstand the hustle and bustle of people coming in for their appointment.

Quick-Step’s floors can meet these hygiene needs perfectly, provided you heed some practical cleaning advice. For instance: after cleaning your floor, make sure to wipe it dry. That way, you avoid creating breeding grounds for bacteria.

Choose hardwood flooring or laminate

Oiled hardwood and laminate flooring require an appropriate method of cleaning. Something which Quick-Step Clean just happens to offer. From a hygiene point of view, grooves are not the best option. That’s why Quick-Step has a smart sealant solution for laminate: Seal & Click. It prevents water from penetrating into the floor’s joints. This significantly protects it from moisture: the perfect solution for floors that will be intensely cleaned and disinfected.

The rise of luxury vinyl

Vinyl is becoming increasingly popular in doctor’s practices and hospitals everywhere. After all, it’s strong, easy to maintain with Clean & Strip and particularly resistant to wear and tear. Its sealed surface with protective PU coating makes sure of that. Be sure to avoid lacquered bevels. Also, glue down your luxury vinyl for perfect hygiene. That will also help you prevent water from seeping in. And thanks to Livyn’s extensive range of designs and colours, you’ll avoid a clinic look, creating a warmer, homely environment instead.

Ready to choose, now that you’ve memorised these tips? Try out our Floor Advisor.