Time for yourself: refurbishing your home

After years in a busy family home, you suddenly have more time — and space — for yourself. Especially now that the kids have flown the nest. A major step for them, but also for you. So time to change your life and refurbish your home.

Refurbishing your home

Bedrooms 2.0.

To tackle the empty nest syndrome, you can repurpose your children’s former bedrooms. A guestroom is an obvious choice, but how about a home office or hobby room? A home cinema equipped with projector and comfy sofa? Or a walk-in wardrobe to give your clothes a genuine showroom and create some extra space in your bedroom.

Do you like a vibrant house? Then turn your children’s rooms into bed-and-breakfast rooms, or rent them out to Airbnb guests. Keep in mind that these rooms will have to be cleaned more often than before, while many suitcases will be hauled through. That’s why you should opt for a floor that’s scratch-resistant and easy to maintain, like laminate or vinyl.

Choose comfort and quality

Over the years, your personal taste may have changed. Now that you have some financial breathing space, be sure to take some time to pamper yourself (and your home).

That fully equipped kitchen you’ve always dreamt of? A lounge set in the garden to create your very own peaceful oasis? Everything’s possible. Treat your home’s living areas to a complete revamp. In other words, time for some furniture shopping and don’t forget to pick up your new, luxurious floor. The best option for adding a warm, elegant touch to your home? That would be a stunning hardwood floor.

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