How to pick the perfect floor for your first home or apartment

Congrats, you’re finally standing on your own two feet! Time to find your own flat, loft or house, style it as you like it and make it the start of something beautiful. Here’s how you handle this milestone best and with a limited budget.

Reflecting your own taste

Sleek and modern, or frivolous and romantic? It’s time to discover the style that suits you best. Don’t get distracted by magazines featuring perfectly finished home interiors. You don’t want your new home to look like a run-of-the mill show house, do you?

Laying sound foundations

Don’t use the wobbly furniture from your student room in your new home. Choose basic furniture that can stand rough handling. Here’s a useful tip to bring together a mix of styles, featuring your nan’s kitchen table as well as spanking new items. The trick is to pick a recurrent colour: crimson pillows on the sofa, ditto vases on the mantelpiece, and so on.

Make sure your furniture matches the room. Large pieces of furniture make a small room look even smaller, while smaller furniture easily looks too little in a spacious room. Want to make a room look bigger? The trick is to lay your floor planks in the right direction.

The floor and budget of your dreams

Finding the floor you always wanted with a limited budget: it’s possible if you go for laminate or vinyl flooring. Firm, scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and available in virtually every look, design and colour: the perfect foundation for your first home!

Discover your style, sneak a peek into our inspiring interiors.