Protect your floor from paint splatters

A new year, a new project. Why not finally start (re)painting that wall or ceiling you’ve been ignoring for so long. You don’t want that new colour to show up on your floor, however. Protecting it will be crucial, along with preventing your shoe soles from spreading the paint around the house. Let’s find out more.

Protect your floor from paint splatters

Newspapers and cardboard

The most obvious floor protection ends up in your letterbox every day: newspapers. Save them and ask your family and friends for old copies. Spread multiple layers of broadsheets, make them overlap, and stick them together using painter’s tape.

Want even better protection against paint drops? Use cardboard, and don’t forget to place two layers against the wall. There, the chances of you spilling paint grow exponentially. If you prefer to use paper as protection, you needn’t save all of it yourself. Paint shops sell paper in various types of rolls, enabling you to cover your entire floor.

Plastic foil

In every DIY store, you can find plastic foil, in all sizes. As it’s flexible, it can easily cover any surface – even furniture. It’s also perfect for your windows, since it lets the sunlight shine through. Paint, on the other hand, can’t get through, but the foil does tear quite easily. In addition, plastic foil used on the floor is more slippery. Only for cautious DIYers!

Classic canvas

Professional painters tend to go for the classic solution: canvas cloths. They’re heavier than paper or plastic foil, so they always stay neatly in place. Also, you can reuse them for future paint jobs. Heavier textiles can handle drops of paint, but big splashes might get through. So choose one that’s resistant to moisture or has a protective underlay.

With these tips you’re ready to visit the paint store. But first, let’s get some interior inspiration!