There’s no place like… the Tropics: parquet, vinyl or laminate flooring with the look of tropical wood

Bring in the tropics with an exotic floor. Its unusual colours will make every day feel like you’re on an adventurous holiday. Find out whether it’s the perfect choice for you.

Tropical look

Exotic parquet for extra splendour

Turn your house into the epitome of warmth and luxury with exotic parquet flooring. Do you live in a warm climate? Then combine your exotic parquet with white and light green. Grey weather conditions, on the other hand, require a warmer colour palette of soft brown and darker green tints for your walls.

To really dot the i’s and cross the t’s, be sure to fill your home with majestic or colonial furniture. Or simply choose refreshing, mostly white furniture. Lots of lush, tropical plants are the perfect accessories. Make sure not to clutter too much, but keep your interior airy.

Colourful but mostly green

The exotic colours of tropical wood can really turn a room upside down... in a good way. But the word ‘exotic’ doesn’t mean we lose sight of the bigger environmental picture. Be sure to choose ‘green’ parquet with a PEFC label. This tells you that the wood was harvested from a sustainably managed forest. Like the jatoba and merbau wood from Quick-Step’s Castello and Villa hardwood collections, for instance.

Laminate with an exotic feel

Is laminate more your cup of tea? No biggie: this flooring type also has some exotic looking designs in store for you. Wenge, teak, merbau or jatoba: the choice is yours.

Ready for an exotic flooring adventure? With Quick-Step’s Floor Advisor, you’re up for a flooring journey to warmer climes.