Living more comfortably as you get older

With age comes experience — but it can also make common tasks more difficult to do, such as walking up and down stairs. Perhaps you’re already planning modifications to your home, or maybe you’re thinking of downsizing. Either way, here are some things to consider!

Living more comfortably as you get older

Comfortable sleeping quarters

You deserve some extra comfort. Prefer to avoid the stairs? Simply move your bedroom downstairs! Ask friends or family to help you move your furniture. And remember to design the space to look and feel like a real bedroom. Choose soft colours for the walls. Select a floor that feels warm and soft underfoot and doesn’t hold dust. You’ll love your new living space!

Feel inspired to tackle other rooms as well

As walking may become more difficult, there are several walking aids available to keep you mobile. Ranging from walking sticks to rollators, walkers and wheelchairs: there is a tailored solution for every individual. It may seem obvious that doorways might need to be widened if you plan on using a wheelchair in your home, but did you know that getting the right type of flooring is equally, if not more important?

A wear-resistant, non-slip flooring material that feels solid, stable and comfortable underfoot is exactly what you need. And if you are planning on taking your wheelchair for a spin, it may be wise to select scratch-resistant flooring.

Take your floor with you

Planning on downsizing in the long run? Why not invest in new flooring right now and start reaping the benefits. Our ingenious Uniclic technology lets you easily dismantle and re-lay your Quick-Step flooring if you decide to move and take your floor with you.

Or, put your feet up and let one of our professional installers do the work for you.