Choosing the ideal plank pattern for your floor: multi-strip or not?

Long, wide, king-size… Floor planks come in many sizes, but which type of plank is the ideal option for your interior? Quick-Step lays down the fundamental principles.

One rule to top them all

Do you want a floor design based on large, single planks? Or does your room require shorter multi-strip planks? It’s a tough nut to crack sometimes. A simple, basic rule can help: the smaller the room, the better it is to ‘go multi-strip’.

Animate your room with strips

Combined with a vivid floor pattern, multi-strip planks will make a small room—such as a bedroom—look larger, deeper and longer. The floor planks in the Quick-Step Villa and Compact collections, for instance, add a touch of liveliness to your interior. By merging strips of three different colours into one design, they also make your floor look softer.

Length = elegance

Length is elegance

If you’re looking for an elegant and classy floor, then (plank) size does matter! Extra-long and wide planks—like the ones in the Quick-Step Palazzo, Imperio or Castello collections—work perfectly in grand halls and living rooms. These large, single-plank designs give your room a distinct panache as well as a stylish, yet authentic look.

Still not sure which type of plank to choose? Check out Quick-Step’s Floor Advisor to find out which plank pattern suits your room best.