Baby on the way: how to prep your home

Those nine months before your baby is born really come in handy: you’ll have more to prep than just the nursery. Your whole house has to pass the test: is every room ready to welcome your new-born child?

Baby on the way: How to prep your home

Pièce de résistance: the nursery room

Your nursery has to boost your child’s imagination, yet also offer a peaceful environment. Keep in mind that the room will stay the same, while your child will grow up not to like those baby blue or pink walls. Fresh, soothing colours are your best option, along with a couple of fun accessories that turn the room into a baby’s paradise.

It’s also important to choose the right flooring for your nursery. The floor should be easy to clean and allergy-friendly. Also, it should have a soft touch, so your kids can crawl and play around as they please. Another plus is a floor that reduces the sound of footsteps, so you can check on your sleeping baby as quietly as possible.

Is your home babyproof?

Even the smallest baby has a lot of stuff that takes up space everywhere in your home. You’ll have to make room for feeding bottles in the kitchen, a changing table in the bathroom, and a crib or playpen in the living room. Do you have any things labelled ‘handle with care’? Keep them somewhere safe, for when your little adventurer starts crawling around the house.

Once your toddler starts holding car races too, you’ll need to prep your floor as well. Scratch-resistant, waterproof and easy to maintain: laminate and vinyl are the best choice.

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