It takes a strong floor, to support a strong mom

When Spanish fashion blogger B* a la Moda, known as Belén Canalejo in real life, was looking to buy a house, she knew it would be the beginning of a massive renovation project. Belén and her husband Nacho were determined to create the home of their dreams: a beautiful, cosy and functional house where they could live with their four kids.

A wooden floor was always going to be one of the key elements to achieve that warm and homey atmosphere. “I wanted to use materials that would reflect my personal style, and be strong and resistant enough to handle the daily life of six people”, Belén explains. “We also wanted to find a soft and light floor colour, that would underline the natural light that falls through the windows. Natural light brings energy and joy to a home.”

Respecting the home’s history

Belén and Nacho found an old house, that was just perfect for what they had in mind. “We wanted to preserve the essence of the house and add a vibrant, cheerful decorative style. There were some beautiful original elements we didn’t want to give up. The entrance door and the floor in the hall, for example, are all original. The rest of the house, underwent a total remodeling.”

First choice

Belén and Nacho knew that the new floors would have a major impact on the atmosphere in their home. “Laminate was always our first choice, because it brings cosines, warmth and comfort, while being super resistant to water and scratches’, they say. “We soon discovered that the Quick-Step Impressive range had everything we were looking for. They have a lovely natural look, are scratch and water resistant and very easy to clean”, Belén tells.

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One open space, one laminate floor

The family’s living room is connected to an open kitchen and dining room, forming the main space in the house. Belén wanted to give the room a unique floor style, that would be in balance with the other floors in the house. With the help of the Roomviewer, she was able to visualize all of her favourite floors and choose the best one. The new floor had to match the different styles of the open space and suit all its possible activities: messy kitchen experiments, lively dinner parties and relaxing tv nights.

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Harmony from bottom to top

Quick-Step’s Impressive range came out as the ideal floor for Belén’s home. Different colours of laminate were installed in the house. “We installed the laminate of the lower floor on the entire first floor as well, to provide harmony and warmth in the different bedrooms”, Belén says. “The basement, a space that was designed for recreation, was the biggest challenge. Because of the humidity in the room, the walls had to undergo a waterproofing treatment first. When that was complete, we installed a laminate floor with HydroSeal water-repellent coating. As the basement is the darkest area of the house, we chose a white floor to enhance the light.”

It wasn’t easy, but Belén managed to pull the trick. Quick-Step proved to be the perfect partner to be the basis of the dream house she wanted for her family. The laminate floors that she selected not only look great, they provide an answer to all the needs of every family member.

Discover the Impressive range

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