Get to work: 5 reasons why you’ve postponed 
your renovation projects for too long

Renovation projects… are you one of those people who keeps on postponing them? There’s always something that you need to take care of first, right? Wrong! Thanks to our tips, your procrastinating days are over. Read these 5 reasons why you should get to work right away, and thank us later.

#1: Starting today, will save you money

Renovating can be quite an investment, as we all know. That’s probably one of the reasons you’re not very keen on getting started, isn’t it? Well, if you keep procrastinating your project, you’re only going to make it costlier. Now is the time for action, because starting your preparations and research early, will give you a wide range of contractors and construction workers to choose from. The longer you wait, the more chance you’ll have that the best or cheapest ones are no longer available. Still looking for a contractor that can help you with your flooring? Find now a professional and certified Quick-Step installer nearby that you can help you with your project.

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But that’s not the only financial advantage of starting now. If you need an extra loan to finance your renovation, this is a good time to close a great deal. Conditions are really interesting at the moment, but they’re on their way back. Waiting a few months, could make your project a lot more expensive.

#2: Renovating will make your home feel fresh and new

A new beginning, a clean and fresh start! Renovating your house can be the tabula rasa you’ve been dreaming of. This is your chance to say goodbye to that tiny and old-fashioned kitchen or that worn-out floor in your dining room and welcome the stunning interior you always wanted or the floor you had your eyes on for ages. A renovation is a unique opportunity to start all over, and do things exactly the way you want to. You don’t have to remodel your entire home, to get that wonderful feeling of living in a whole new house. If you simply renovate the room(s) that you spend most of your time in, like the kitchen or the living room, your entire house will feel renewed.

So think of the result as a new home, without having to put all of your things in a moving van, without packing and unpacking dozens of boxes and without requesting an address change to an endless list of companies and services.

#3: Renovating will upgrade the value of your house

It’s a fact that investing in your own house, is always money well spent. A renovation is basically an upgrade of your home, that will most certainly give the value a boost. Even if you’re not planning on selling your house, it’s nice to know that it has a nice price tag, just in case. So if you’re making renovation plans, think about the potential your house has and find out how you can get the most out of it. Sum up the strengths and weaknesses of your home, and optimize them. Make rooms bigger where possible, or do the opposite and create extra rooms by turning one big room into two smaller ones. Bring in extra light, by replacing your old, dark floor with one that has a lighter colour. A new floor can transform the whole room and create a totally different atmosphere. Curious to see what a new floor can do for your room? Upload a picture in the RoomViewer and match your room with different floors.

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#4: No more embarrassing moments with your visitors

Face it: you can’t keep inviting six friends over to watch a football game, when your outdated living room is only big enough for you, your partner and a cat or two. And that five-course-dinner you wanted to prepare for your entire family? May have been a bit too ambitious, since your vintage 1979 kitchen is almost falling apart and forms a fire hazard to your entire street. 

It’s time to end those embarrassing moments and do yourself, your future guests and your neighbours a favour. Create a place that you’re actually proud of. You could be lounging in a spacious tv-room where you can welcome all of your football loving friends at once. You could be the chef in a kitchen that produces dazzling dishes or the proud owner of a cozy dining room your guests won’t ever want to leave. But be warned: chances are, you’ll be having a lot more visitors over in the near future.

#5: Your lifestyle has changed

Take a second to picture yourself when you first moved into your current house. Of try to remember what your last renovation was. That takes you back a long time, doesn’t it? Now imagine how different your life was back then. How many kids have joined the family since then? How about giving the nursery for your newborn baby a nice and soft vinyl floor? And how long has it been, since you’ve used that fitness room you absolutely wanted 15 years ago? Or maybe the kids have moved out, and you can finally install that hardwood floor you always wanted.

As your life evolves, your lifestyle changes – and so do your needs and priorities. Things that seemed important then, are the least of your concerns now and vice versa. If you stop procrastinating right now and get started on that renovation, you can bring out the full potential of your house once again. You deserve a home that’s adjusted to your current lifestyle, to every member of your family and to the things that are important to you right now.

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