5 gorgeous kitchen ideas you want to steal

If there is one room that reflects your personality, it’s your kitchen. From rustic to modern, from minimalistic to energetic and from one side of the colour spectrum to the other, a kitchen comes in endless styles and forms. So, what style would you choose? We found 5 inspirational kitchen ideas that will get you dreaming.

#1: Warm and natural

Classic meets contemporary, in this great looking country-styled kitchen. The lovely beige tones of the natural oak vinyl floor, create a gentle atmosphere in this buzzing part of the house. The kitchen is one of the most dynamic rooms in your home, it’s a place of energy, commotion and (inter)action. So, it’s always a good idea to bring in some tranquil elements that restore the balance. And that’s just what the rustic appearance of this Canyon Oak Light Brown will do. This beautiful vinyl flooring also adds a natural look to your kitchen interior, accentuated by the noticeable saw cuts. If your kitchen is a place where healthy, organic meals are born, this floor will be the natural choice. 

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#2: Modern darkness

A great way to let a clean and modern interior come to life, is by matching it with a floor that’s bursting with character and contrast. Take a look at this brown oak laminate flooring, and the beautiful depth that has been created in this spacious kitchen. The look of solid wood dominates the room, but the sunlight that falls through the large windows makes it feel open, fresh and airy - despite the dark floor colour. The intense brown shades of the oak make a great partnership with the elegant kitchen elements in black and white. The result is a stunning contemporary kitchen, that immediately catches the eye of any visitor.

Oak wood is not only elegant and extremely versatile, it’s also very durable. Read all about the benefits of oak here.

#3: Graceful shades of white and grey

The way you go about in the kitchen, tells a lot about your personality. Are you a chaotic type, that wants to do everything at once, or the well-organized chef that nicely follows detailed instructions? In either case, your kitchen is bound to get a bit messy during the process. But a modern, smooth looking kitchen interior can help maintain a calm and relaxed atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of your cooking struggles. The light grey vinyl flooring in this beautifully designed kitchen, shows you just how ZEN a bustling kitchen can be. The white cabinet panels practically melt with the limestone vinyl floor, while the subtle disparity in the tiles creates a sense of warmth and tenderness. Together, they form a perfect harmony that is upheld in the rest of the house.

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#4: The classic beauty

Wooden elements in an interior, have always been synonym to intimacy and coziness. The great looking oak effect of this Soft Oak Medium laminate floor, is what makes this classical kitchen complete. The wooden effect is accentuated even more by the use of white and grey in the rest of the room. The beige laminate floor gives the kitchen a natural sense of style, a timeless elegance that brings out the detailed finishing of the cabinets and other wooden surfaces. Young and old will agree that this kitchen design looks sharp and classy, but equally vibrant and playful.

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#5: Nordic cool

Enrich your home with some Scandinavian DNA and create an interior that feels light, sophisticated and fashionable. This stylish contemporary kitchen in black, white and beige is what nordic design is all about: organic materials, simplistic shapes and a focus on functionality. The Natural Pine laminate flooring strikes you once you enter the room, but at the same time it feels natural and balanced. The remarkable pattern of the pine wood is an eye-catcher, without throwing a shadow over the rest of the interior. Its soft beige colour variations are cool and refreshing, a perfect addition to the minimalistic design of the kitchen. 

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