Decorate to impress: amaze your guests with
these Christmas decorations tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for decoration lovers! Whether you like to stuff your home with hundreds of twinkling Christmas ornaments or just hang some subtle ribbons here and there, there’s something special about those last few weeks of December. We took a look around and found some inventive holiday season decoration tips, that will fill your home with holiday spirit.

Need inspiration for your decorations?

One of the many great things about the holiday season, is that you get to enrich your home with all kinds of magical Christmas decorations. You probably have boxes full of glittery Santa-stuff, hidden somewhere. But haven’t they had their time? Don’t you think it’s time to give your old decorations a decent goodbye, and go for something completely new? We’ve selected some ideas, to give your Christmas decorations a stylish update.

Want to feel like you’re spending the holidays in a cozy little cabin? Then have a look at these inspirational pictures from Malene Foss or take a look at #julmedhusefjell. Fill your house with all kinds of natural decorative elements, to create a warm, cabin-like atmosphere. Your Christmas tree can be the glorious center piece, surrounded by wooden ornaments in tree-shapes, pine tree branches hanging from the ceiling and garlands made out of pine cones. And why not place several small Christmas trees in the house? You can lay down some animal fur blankets on the sofa and put up dozens of little Christmas wreaths on the wall. Oh, and off course: don’t forget the mistletoe!

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Why not make your own Christmas tree?

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without shiny decorations and a nice Christmas tree perking up your home interior. But whoever said that a Christmas tree has to have needles, branches and a trunk? A few spare laminate plankboards and a firm dose of creativity, can create a Christmas tree that’s far more original and 100% unique.

The only things you need for this upcycle project are some glue, a few floorboards, some clothespins, color spray or nail polish and a jigsaw. Here we go! 

  • Step 1: Draw measurements on the floorboards. These are the ones we used: 60 x 7 (vertical plank), 50 x 7 (horizontal plank), 40 x 7 (horizontal plank), 30 x 7 (horizontal plank), 20 x 7 (horizontal plank).
  • Step 2: Saw the boards. You can saw the sides slanted, to make it look even more like a Christmas tree.
  • Step 3: Glue the horizontal boards to the one vertical board.
  • Step 4: Give the clothespins a festive touch with some color spray or nail polish.
  • Step 5: Let your new Christmas tree and the colored clothespins dry.
  • Step 6: Glue the clothespins to the Christmas tree and decorate the rest of the tree as you like

Set a Christmas dinner table that takes your guests’ breath away

A gorgeous looking dinner table, completes the perfect Christmas Eve. It’s your chance to go all the way, bring out the shiny silverware and create a sparkling dinner table that your guests will remember for years. To give you some ideas, we’ve collected a few tips that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Be one with nature! Adding natural elements, brings a cozy atmosphere and a feeling of intimacy to the table. Lay down some wooden coasters or napkin rings that stand out, pick a few small twigs from your Christmas tree or go for the traditional pine cones and berries. Don’t overdo it though, you still want to have enough room on the table to show off your delicious Christmas meal.

It’s not because you’re celebrating a traditional holiday, that your dinner table should look old and conventional, right? How about giving it a modern and minimalistic look? Let the copious Christmas dinner shine on stark white plates, simply add elegant touches in contrasting colors like black and copper. Place little white paper balls on the table, that refer to the Christmas balls in your tree or to snowballs that are falling outside. Or make your guests feel like kings and queens, with a table in the ‘royal chique trend. Golden plates with silver cutlery, shiny little accessories and crystal glasses filled with champagne will definitely give your dinner some extra panache and create a royal vibe.

One last thing to finish it off? Place a small present, right next to each plate. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just something that looks cute. Your guests will be over the moon with your thoughtful gesture.

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