Impressive Ultra: laminate for connoisseurs


Katrien Vandezande’s catering and delicatessen business, De Terrine, aims to please connoisseurs. That’s why Katrien went full-on for an exquisite interior when the shop relocated to the town of Waregem (Belgium). Her secret weapon? Quick-Step’s strong, new Impressive Ultra laminate flooring. Not only does it complement the modern interior, it’s also perfect for high-traffic areas.

Resistant to wear and tear

“I really wanted a floor that wasn’t just beautiful, but would also hold up against intense use”, says Katrien. “At our former location, traces of wear and tear soon showed up on the floor. This time, however, I was determined to avoid that.” Needless to say that thanks to its increased thickness and extra protection against wear and tear, Impressive Ultra laminate turned out to be the ideal solution for De Terrine.

… and waterproof

What’s more, the innovative HydroSeal technology prevents water from seeping into the cracks of the brand-new Quick-Step laminate. Katrien: “When it rains, wet umbrellas create puddles of water. So the floor’s water-resistance properties were certainly a key element in our decision to go with Impressive Ultra. I can also thoroughly clean the floor with water as often as I want now, and the anti-static surface prevents dust and dirt from piling up.”

Customers often compliment me on the authentic, natural wood look of my Impressive Ultra laminate floor.

Sixteen designs to savour

Knowing which features your floor needs is one thing. But how do you choose the right design? Katrien looked for inspiration — and found it — at the Quick-Step showroom in Wielsbeke, where she also gained ideas for other interior aspects such as atmospheric lighting. For Katrien, the floor had to be perfect for a modern, yet comfy and cosy interior. With sixteen Impressive Ultra laminate designs to choose from, she was bound to find the ideal floor. “The ‘Classic Oak Natural’ (IMU 1848) design with its authentic, natural wood look fits the interior perfectly”, she adds. “Customers often compliment me on it!”

Quick-Step Laminate Impressive Ultra
Quick-Step Laminate Impressive UltraQuick-Step Laminate Impressive Ultra

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