Can I install Quick-Step Vinyl in my veranda?

FAQs on vinyl flooring

Can I install Quick-Step Vinyl in my veranda?

We do not advise installing Quick-Step Vinyl in verandas, solariums, camper vans or other areas prone to large temperature differences.

Both our flexible and Rigid Vinyl floors should preferably be installed in heated indoor spaces with normal room temperatures (between 15°C and 35°C for our Quick-Step Vinyl range and between 18°C and 30°C for Quick-Step Rigid Vinyl). The temperature of the base floor should also fall between these parameters: 0°C and 35°C for flexible Vinyl, 5°C and 30°C for Rigid Vinyl.

If your Vinyl floor will be exposed to direct sunlight and temperatures at or above 45°C, we suggest using flexible Vinyl and a SunHeat underlay on a flattened mineral substrate.

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