Minimalism: simplicity reigns supreme


Under the motto ‘less is more’, our interiors are stripped down to the bare minimum of components. After all, having a lot of stuff always makes for a chaotic look. Minimalism was born out of this premise, as a symbol of a more refined style of living. Living with less stuff and paring down to the essentials carries over to your interior.

Japanese Zen

Simplicity is a keyword in Japanese interiors. When it comes to minimalism, this country is ahead of the game. Japanese style places the emphasis on the essential and does away with everything superfluous. Spaces exude calm and draw your attention only to the few objects that were put there to make a statement.

Pure and light

Minimalism is also synonymous of a modern interior. This style emanates serenity and peace, but stays exciting by playing with different contrasts. Light, plenty of space, the use of neutral colours and a mix of styles all rule in a minimalist look.

Glorious simplicity

Colours in minimalist home décor are pure in their simplicity. They are often monochrome: shades of white, grey, anthracite and black form the perfect backdrop to a minimalist interior. These colours aren’t only for walls but also for floors.

To keep your interior from getting too clinical, a warm wood look or wood accents on floors will keep things feeling cosy. The result gives you more freedom, calm and space for creativity. And that’s a great thing to come home to!

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