It's all about botanics!


There is nothing more relaxing than a walk in the woods. Nowadays, in our era of Exotic plants and floral prints provide you with your own personal oasis of green.

Non-stop rain outside? Step in to your front door and leave that grey day behind: welcome to the jungle! Big bustling cities, we are not only going back to nature but bringing it into our homes too.

Natural vs. flashy

Twittering birds, flowering gardens and exotic destinations... If you’re longing for a flash of green you’re not the only one.

Green in all its shades is the most logical choice for the jungle trend, but bright colours like indigo blue and sunny yellow will also bring you back in touch with Mother Nature.

Neutral tones and shades of white, beige and brown bring back the element of purity.

Plants on your wallpaper

Busy tropical prints or minimalist abstract forests on furniture and accessories are making their mark on our interiors. A playful botanical print on one wall is totally trend proof!

More subtle details are featured in the form of vintage elements such as old teaching materials from the biology classroom and distressed wood furniture.

Botanic in every way

No jungle look is complete without real plants! Showcase the opulence of the plant kingdom with green and trendy plants such as the Monstera, Fiddle-leaf fig, Banana plant or Chinese money plant.

Plants in hanging pots, air plants, eucalyptus in coloured glass apothecary jars and a big tropical plant as a centre-piece will have you dreaming of sun-drenched summer days. They will give your interior a visible boost of freshness!

Authentic botanic

In the jungle trend, we gratefully go back to natural sources such as tropical and other wood types, cork, bamboo and rattan. Back to basics is the key but if you’d like to go for a more luxurious look, leather and marble could also be a good idea.

When choosing flooring, a floor with a natural look and cosy feel fits in perfectly with the botanical ideal. Wooden floorboards exude authenticity.

If the maintenance puts you off, you can always opt for a good imitation in vinyl or laminate.

The traditional look and feel stay the same and effortlessly combine with simplicity. In other words: you can have it all!

Need more inspiration? Have a look at our Pinterest board!

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