Underlays for Laminate floors

Installing the right underlay has a major impact on the final look, quality and comfort of your Quick-Step Laminate floor. Based on more than 20 years of experience, our specialists have selected a collection of high-quality underlays that are easy to install, create a level base for your new floor, and provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Always a perfect fit

New or renovation? Ground or upper floor? With or without floor heating? There's always a perfect underlay for your specific needs or situation. That's why we offer dedicated underlays for a wide variety of applications:

  • underlays reducing reflection sound
  • underlays reducing transmission sound 
  • underlays for highly uneven base floors 
  • underlays optimized for floor heating/cooling

Underlays reducing reflection sound

Reflection sound is the sound you hear when you walk on a floor. To minimise these reflections, Quick-Step has created the Unisound Pro, Unisound and Uniclic Plus underlays. These underlays are ideal for living rooms or office spaces where the tapping of high heels can be disturbing.

Quick-Step Unisound Pro

When only the best is good enough.

Unisound Pro is the underlay of choice when you wish to optimally reduce reflection sound; this is the sound you hear when you walk on a floor.

Quick-Step Unisound

Ideal for places where there is a lot of traffic.

Unisound is the classic Quick-Step underlay. It offers high-quality permanent sound absorption.

Quick-Step Uniclic Plus

A good basis for places with less traffic.

Uniclic Plus is a good basis for rooms with less traffic. It’s a premium basic underlay that significantly reduces the sound of footsteps in your room.

Underlays reducing transmission sound

Transmission sound is the sound you hear when someone walks on the floor in the room above. To minimise these hindering noises, Quick-Step has developed the Transitsound Ultra. This underfloor is highly recommended for multi-level buildings.

Quick-Step Transitsound Ultra

Ideal for an upper floor or apartment.

Transitsound Ultra is the best choice if you wish to reduce transmission sounds. These are the sounds that get through to the room below. As such, it is highly recommended for multi-level buildings.

Underlays for highly uneven base floors

If your base floor is highly uneven, we recommend an underfloor combining the Quick-Step Softboard and the Quick-Step Screen.

Quick-Step Softboard

The perfect fit for highly uneven floors.

Quick-Step Softboard is a solid underfloor made of stable wood fibres that can level out unevennesses up to 6 mm. Combined with the Quick-Step Screen, it also protects against rising damp or condensation. Quick-Step Softboard also increases floor insulation. Because of this, it is not suitable for rooms with floor heating.

Quick-Step Screen

Excellent protection against rising damp or condensation.

The Quick-Step Screen is a double-sided, damp-resistant membrane with reinforcements. Thanks to its large surface, installation is quick and with fewer grooves. It also offers excellent protection against rising damp.

Underlays optimized for floor heating/cooling

For rooms with floor heating or cooling, Quick-Step has created the dedicated Quick-Step CoolHeat underlay.

Quick-Step CoolHeat

The perfect choice for rooms with floor heating or cooling.

Quick-step CoolHeat is the underfloor of choice when your room is fitted with underfloor heating or cooling. Besides its excellent thermal efficiency, the CoolHeat underlay also nicely levels out your base floor.

Quick-Step Unisound Underlay

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Why Quick-Step underlays?

  • Long-term sound absorbance
    Quick-Step underlays maintain their initial thickness over the years. You can rest assured: they will continue to dampen sounds such as the tapping of high heels for many years.

  • Ideal for Uniclic
    The smooth surface of Quick-Step underlays prevents parts of the underlay from getting stuck in between the Uniclic tongue and groove during installation. Moreover all Quick-Step underlays offer a stable base which protects the Uniclic click system.

  • Excellent protection against damp
    A damp-proof and moisture-resistant membrane with an adhesive strip has already been integrated into the levelling underlay. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Perfect for floor heating/cooling
    Thanks to the high-quality Quick-Step underlay, combining a Laminate floor with floor heating is no problem at all. For more information, please check ‘Can I use Quick-Step Laminate with underfloor heating?’.